CLIENT: Amplifier Content Marketing

Amplifier Content Marketing (Silver Spring, MD) was a startup company that hired me in 2008 – 2009 as their Vice President of Business Development.  A lot of work went into identifying prospective name-brand companies and products like Southern Comfort and Melitta Coffee which we educated about the benefits of content marketing.  By providing them with a unique blend of fresh, original music-oriented content, we helped those companies position themselves as “music publishers” of sorts, so they could attract, engage and retain new customers that matched the demographics that Southern Comfort, for example, was trying to reach.

As a marketing tool of our own, we developed a bi-monthly newsletter (online and offline) to actively promote Amplifier.  In addition to writing MANY introductory letters and sales presentations, I also wrote articles about the importance of music branding, such as this one about the iconic American rock band Chicago.   Copywriting_-_AMPLIFIER_1-1

Just click on the newsletter to read it.

And, if you’re interested, the Amplifier website itself can be found at