CLIENT: Boxwood Technology

Boxwood Technology  (Herndon, VA) helps associations and their members with their recruiting efforts, among other things.  They wanted a creative campaign called “Recruitment Branding” that taught recruiters how to attract high caliber talent by positioning themselves as high caliber resources.  In turn, the best talent would probably want to work with those recruiters who knew how to match them with the best jobs.

First, I created six (6) original concepts for Boxwood to consider.  I’ve included one here called “Be the Spark”.  As I usually do, I developed a theme and graphics to first introduce the idea to Boxwood (my client), and then wrote a first draft of the copy that we might use for the actual deliverables (to their client).

I walked Boxwood through each concept individually and then asked them to choose the Top Two that they liked.  After that, I did a quick re-write of the copy for those two concepts, including any comments or direction that Boxwood might have offered to me.  This got us to the point where a third-round review was all that was required to lock in the final concept and copy.

Below you’ll find the “Be the Spark” concept, a full-page promotional “Recruitment Branding” educational flyer, three online banner ads, and several emails from the various campaigns that I wrote for Boxwood.

Note:  These samples are comps that still contain stock photo images I selected for each concept.  When I write, I almost always recommend visuals to help the graphic designer bring my vision to life, as I did here.  Please click on each link and each ad —






Email #1_Brand2Recruit_Version1

Email #1_Brand2Recruit_Version2



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